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Hey this is Stacy Hayes. I spent over a decade thinking God was mad at me and he was some bipolar old man sitting on his throne with a lighting bolt in one hand and a hammer in the other just waiting for me to mess up.. Thats not God thats religion.. God loves everyone of us no matter where we're at in life and He's waiting too see us coming to Him like the prodigal son did in Luke 15:11-24 read it you'll be glad you did... Believe what God's word says about you over any opinion you have of yourself and watch Him work a miracle in your life... Feel free to get in touch... I like hearing from people who have found out that God loves them and has realized that He's there for them in every aspect of life.. Don't go another day beat down over your mistakes.. Give them to the Lord and let His word guide you.. God bless you all and remember the Lord loves the abortion Dr's as much as He loves the babies there killing...
God is no respecter of person.. He loves us all no matter what mistakes we've made!!!!!!

Mar 19, 2018


1 Peter 1:18-19  We are valuable!!!

Genesis 1:26  Man is in control!!

2 Corinthians 5:21   We are the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ!!!

Psalms 8:3-9  We are important I God's eyes!!

Luke 15:11-24  All the father wanted was his son's repentance.. Thats all God wants from us...

1 Samual 17:22-51   David knew who he was... He had a covenant with God...  We have a covenant with God through Jesus Christ!!

Acts 10:34  God is no respecter of person!!!

Numbers 13:30-33   Caleb knew who he was!!!  God told him the land was his. He believed God!!!

Isaiah 52:12   The Lord will go before you and he will be your rears guard!!!

Romans 10:9-10   make Jesus Christ your Lord and savior today!!!